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Farm Visit

I invite you to come and discover my small family owned mixed livestock farm on a plateau overlooking our majestic Dordogne valley, on the borders of the lower Limousin and Upper Quercy, very near the Dordogne department.

I'll tell you about our family history and our commitment to organic farming, as well as welcome you to this farm, started by my parents nearly 40 years ago.

We'll meet the farm animals, such as sheep, rabbits, chickens, guinea fowl, hens, roosters and pigs…

  • Photo of Coco the cock, with the cat and dog at Masvidal Farm, Bilhac, Corrèze.
  • Photo of Coco the cock with Marielle at Masvidal Farm
  • Photo of children surrounded by farm animals while visiting Masvidal Farm.
  • Photo of a very young rabbit at Masvidal Farm.
  • Photo of a cat, perched precariously on top of a stake at Masvidal Farm.
  • Photo of a load of farm animals in a field at Masvidal Farm.
  • Photo of a white hen with her baby chicks at Masvidal Farm.
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I will show you the winery, sharing the secret of making the local nectar, "Vin Paillé" - Literally "Strawed wine!".

Photo in the winery
You couldn't call it industrial scale production

I'll explain the annual cycle of the walnut, from green to dry walnut; and talk about the many products made from them, oil, jam, tart etc. Above all, Ie'll praise its merits, because it's a real cornucopia of minerals and vitamins.

Lastly, I'll be proud to show you the vaulted ceiling of our recently restored bread oven - mind you admire it!

Photo of the traditional bread oven
We still bake in it.
Visits 2017
Adults 6 €
Children 5 €
Groups (>10) per person: 5 €

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