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I took over the running of the farm from my parents, Pierre and Michèle, in 1999.

They themselves took over the property from my paternal grandfather, who was also a carpenter.

The farm is small, less than 20 hectares, and we raise animals and grow mixed crops. I have carried on their activities : oven ready farm poultry, a campsite on the property (established in 1976!) ewes (for farm lamb), pigs, walnuts and wine.

When in 1993 my parents renovated their stone built house (built in 1952 by my father and my grandfather), they decided to create 3 Bed and Breakfast rooms and to offer evening meals.

Even if I have slightly modified the range of produce we offer, I have stuck to the goals I had decided on when I started : offering wholesome, traditional produce!
To that end, I've made commitments to "ECOCERT" and I am now a farmer who's happy to have gained this certificate, guaranteeing that we produce organic foods.

picture of the
The Ecocert certificate

Thus I do not spray or use weedkillers on my walnut trees, vines, cereals, apple and fig trees, raspberry bushes or vegetables and my walnuts are washed only in pure water.

In Winter we fatten 4-6 pigs and we prepare the meat ourselves to be able to offer you pork products at our table : black pudding, pâtés, brawn, cured ham, sausages, preserved sausages, salt pork, roasts and preserves...

Photo of one of our pigs
One of the Masvidal Farm pigs

I had already joined and been classified for "Bienvenue à la Ferme*" (Welcome to the Farm) for the campsite, and for the B&B* and for farm produce. Since 2006, I have also been accepted and classified for "Ferme de Découverte" (learn about the farm), for farm visits "Petite Restauration à la Ferme" for snacks and farmhouse meals all of which will enable you to come and discover all our products, having seen them growing "on the hoof"!!!

I am also to be found at Brive la Gaillarde Market every Saturday morning with the market celebrity "Nounette" !…

Photo of the rabbit called Nounette
Nounette our Market Star

but also and more importantly with all my farm produce:- poultry, such as chickens, guinea fowl, fattened hens, cocks, hens, capons: also whole or shelled walnuts, walnut oil, vinegars, either plain or flavoured with walnut or raspberry: walnut, fig, citrus and water melon jams, raspberry jelly…: and not forgetting the famous "Vin Paillé".

Don't hesitate to come and see me, either on the farm or at the Market!

I'll be delighted to share my little culinary secrets with you, or even unveil the arcane arts of making "Vin Paillé" and walnut oil, as well as discuss my passion for organic farming.

See you soon, I hope.

A few pictures photo of a hen with her chicks photo of children playing photo of a flan in front of the bread oven photo of drying trays of grapes photo of Marielle with children from the campsite photo of Noisette the rabbit

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