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Eating Chez Nous

"Eating chez nous" gives everyone a chance to come and have a snack or a meal at our farm inn.

  • Picture of the bread oven at Masvidal Farm
  • Picture of a dish of stuffed vegetables.
  • Picture of a Flognarde just out of the bread oven at Masvidal farm.
  • Picture of the vegetable garden at Masvidal farm.
  • Photo of a lovely coq au vin paillé with cepes served at Masvidal farm.
  • Photo of a festive meal at Masvidal Farm open day.
  • Photo of an apple tart at Masvidal farm.
  • Photo of the entertainment at Masvidal farm open day.
  • Photo of the accordionist playing at Masvidal farm.
  • Photo of a chicken quiche at Masvidal farm.
  • Photo of the accordionist and the singer, Masvidal farm
  • Photo of a salade Quercynoise on the way to being made.
  • Photo of entertainers in traditional Quercy costume at Masvidal farm.
  • Photo of freshly baked brioches at Masvidal farm
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Meal at the Farm Inn

A glass of Vin Paillé or home-made fruit juice (grapes, apples)
served with shelled walnuts(5)

Sterters : home made charcuterie:- prosciutto with melon, pâté, rillettes(2), terrine in aspic(2), black pudding(2)(3) with apple, soups(2)(3), Quercy style onion soup, cep omelette(3)(4)

Main Course : Chicken with Prunes or Chestnuts, Pot Roast Pork, Roast Leg of Lamb(7), Grandma's Chicken(1)(2)(3)(6), Braised Rooster with Vin Paillé and ceps(1)(2)(3)(6), Roast Duckling, Guinea Fowl with Apple… served with

Side dishes : Oven fried Potatoes, Rice with Duck Fat and Shallots, French Beans(3), Courgette Gratin(3), Ratatouille(2)

Green salad dressed with walnut oil vinaigrette, cheese(3).

Dessert : Cherry or plum clafoutis(3)(4)(6), flan(3)(4)(6) , strawberry gratin(3)(4)(6), simple fresh cream cheeses(3)(4)(6) ! île flottante(3)(4), chocolate and walnut cake(3)(4)(5), fruit and ice cream cup(3)(4)

La flognarde

Red wine(1) and fruit juice

Tasting Snacks

A glass of Vin Paillé or home-made fruit juice (grape, apple)
with shelled walnuts.
With home made yoghurt or milk from the farm (with or without chocolate)
Rillettes(2) and pâté
cured ham
country bread and jam;
A cake:- cherry flan, walnut tart, brioche or granny cake…


Meal Costs 2017
per adult 28 € (26 € without wine)
per child between 2 and 7 y.o. 10 €
per child between 8 and 11 y.o. 14 €
per child between 12 and 14 y.o. 18 €
Children under 2 y.o. Free
Coffee, tea or tisane - 1 €
Tasting Snacks 2017
per adult 8 €
Chidren from 2 to 8 y.o. 5 €
Children under 2 y.o. Free

The produce we serve come mainly from our own farm.

Bon appetit!

It is always wiser to book in advance.

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