Drapeau Française


Classed as "one of the most beautiful villages of France", a mediaeval village with fine cloisters and a magnificent carving of the entombement. Thanks to the Tourist Office for their permission to reproduce their photos.

  • Photo of an aerial view of the village of Carennac
  • Photo of imposing houses as you enter Carennac
  • Photo of the bridge entering Carennac.
  • Photo of Fenelon's Tower in Carennac.
  • Photo of pretty tiled roofs.
  • Photo of a fine mullioned window in Carennac
  • Photo of the magnificent tympanum of St. Peter's Church, Carennac.
  • Photo of the cloisters of St. Peter's Church, Carennac
  • Photo of a mediaeval bas-relief of a leopard in the Narthex in St. Peter's Church.
  • Photo of a magnificent carving showing the entombment in St Peter's church
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