Drapeau Française

Argentat and the Tours de Merle (32km)

Argentat was once a major port from which barges took wood all the way down the Dordogne river to Bordeaux.

The Tours de Merle are one of the most important sites in the Correze. During the Hundred Years' War, they were at the frontier between England (Aquitaine) and France (The Auvergne).

  • Photo of the "Quai Lestourgie" in Argentat.
  • Photo of private houses bordering the Dordogne in Argentat
  • Photo of a river barge at Argentat.
  • Photo taken on the "Quai Lestourgie", Argentat.
  • Photo of steps leading down to the Dordogne at Argentat.
  • Photo of the Tours de Merle.
  • Photo of the Noailles and Pesteil towers at the Tours de Merle
  • Photo of the chapel at the Tours de Merle
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